About Seawind Tours & Travel, Inc.

Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, participating in a pilgrimage to Vatican City,
viewing amazing glaciers backlit by the Northern Lights and savoring the regal
opulence of Medieval castles in Scotland and Ireland are but a few of the adventures
that have provided great memories to our clientele.

Celebrating 31 Years!

Headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii, Seawind Tours & Travel, Inc. is dedicated to making sure that every aspect of our clients’ travel is identified and accommodated. 

Our ability to deliver a unique travel experience stems from our primary focus to always exceed our travelers’ expectations. 

Because detailed planning to emphasize the ultimate enjoyment of a trip is paramount to travelers, we are unsurpassed in our ability to eliminate the sometimes chaotic and frenzied rigors of travel, enabling fun-filled, relaxed and truly memorable travel experiences.

As we celebrate our 31st anniversary, Seawind Tours & Travel, Inc. would like to thank you for making this momentous occasion possible.  It is primarily due to your continued patronage and support that we have been able to achieve this incredible milestone and we are immensely grateful. 

Our travels, together, have taken us to some remarkable destinations and we’ve witnessed many historic and symbolic events.  We’ve been immersed in a multitude of cultures and have enjoyed a myriad of cuisines.  Most importantly, we’ve met new friends and have created lifelong memories.  It is our belief that these experiences are what truly define travel.


Seawind Tours & Travel, Inc.